Tom Lybeck Art Pristine Moment

Pristine Moment

We have what we call “leaf-peeping” season when the aspen trees explode into vibrant color.

Colorado is noted for its beautiful scenic parks, scattered all across the state. Every one of them has something unique going for it that draws people from all over the country to visit. We have what we call “leaf-peeping” season, when the aspen trees explode into vibrant color, during the start of fall. To be in a position to see these changes is quite a delight. That is what I was experiencing when I first visited Staunton State Park. Looking to explore new surroundings and discover new trails to hike, I selected a 6 mile hike that took me through dense forest and open meadows. It was just as I approached the entrance to the open water of a clear mountain lake that I had a 360-degree view. The magic of the season could be seen in all directions. Being an artist, these experiences give me inner peace and remind me what a masterful painter the Lord really is.