Tom Lybeck Original Porch Pirates

Porch Pirates

All this preparation for birds and I get these guys!

I have spent a lot of time as a landscaper in my own yard, appreciating the beauty of nature. As a Colorado resident, I learned a while back that to have success in getting anything to green-up requires native plants and daily care. So it was my intention to provide nature a habitat where I could enjoy attracting birds, bees and butterflies and view them from my front porch. A bird feeder and bird bath are the accessories I used to help start the action.

As an artist, it is easy to find many subjects to paint within a small radius of my home. So I was excited to watch any action available during the morning hours. One day I heard a commotion outside my front window and to my surprise, witnessed two squirrels relentlessly feasting on bird seed from my feeder. No birds around, just them. All this preparation for birds and I get these guys! The determination they showed made me chuckle. If they want something bad enough they will do anything they can to get it—and they do. But I’m okay with that. It was entertaining and fun to watch. Definitely fun to paint.