Tom Lybeck Original Seeking Shelter in the Pines

Seeking Shelter in the Pines

Talk about a blast of color!

I have lived in Colorado over fifty years and still have not been able to see some bird species that are native to our state. The common ones, sure. But when I come across one that I have always wanted to see but never found, that becomes a real treat. This year gave me the exception I always hope for.

One bird that has always eluded me is the Western Tanager. This year, on two different occasions, while hiking in the deep, dense pine forest in two different locations, I was able to see one. Talk about a blast of color! The yellows of the bird against the deep green needles grabbed my attention. It was a delight, something only an artist would get such a buzz over. For me, birds are fun to paint, especially if I get to see one while I hike. It’s like nature giving me permission to go ahead and paint it. So I will keep my eyes open because I never know what is going on around the next bend in the trail.