The Story Behind the Painting: Blue Sky Spring

Blue Sky Spring Learning a little something about being a first responder and reacting to a creature in distress. One day I kept hearing a strange rattling noise in our house but every time I approached where I thought the noise came from, it became silent. Was something or someone in trouble? I [...]

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The Story Behind the Painting: Feathers, Talons and Tails

Feathers, Talons and Tails This painting was inspired from a one-of-a-kind experience.A few years back, Robin and I were visiting the Flat Tops Wilderness area, fishing at a small lake called Chapman Reservoir. It’s a few miles outside the tiny mountain town of Yampa. On this particular day, we had the lake to ourselves. [...]

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The Story Behind the Painting: Fence Talk

Fence Talk In the Covid-19 pandemic world, birds remain free to go about business as usual. They can flock together and converse through their songs in the same way they always have. For us humans, things are different. “Social distancing” has become the new normal and I admire our country for putting the [...]

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