Tom Lybeck Art First Solo Flight

First Solo Flight

I never know what will stir up a desire within me to make it the next subject I want to paint.

Living in Colorado provides plenty of outdoor attractions. Unable to ignore them, I’m out in nature as often as possible. Early last summer while hiking, Robin and I came across a bird’s nest on the ground. It was empty and I just couldn’t help but wonder what had happened to cause it to fall. I suppose the wind dropped it from the pines above. It was perfectly intact and crafted so masterfully, like it was woven. We always record these special finds with a photograph in case I want to use it later. I never know when it will show up in a painting.

I would like to think the baby birds all flew away. I visualize them ready to leave the nest, perched on the edge, looking at how far down they had to go. That became my inspiration. They would have to be brave and trusting to leave the nest. It turns out that trusting enough to do something new works on us humans as well.

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